Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

The children’s safety is a concern to all of us. The expectation is that drivers will respond to traffic signs and they will be cautious when approaching the school area. Please adhere to the traffic signs and do not enter the driveway during 8:40 a.m. – 9:05 a.m and 3:20 – 3:40 p.m. For the safety of all children and other pedestrians, please do not pass busses in the driveway and please do not park in the loop.

Some parents may wish to drop off on the street. Please note that for the cross walk to be effective, cars need to leave a safe distance for the children to “see in each direction” Please remember to not block any driveways and please do not park too close to the school driveways. Busses need additional space to turn safely without clipping the front or back end of a stopped/parked car. U-turns are prohibited and would create a danger in any school area. As a gentle reminder, please ensure the safety of children by having them wear seatbelts correctly, at all times.

Thanks for your time and assistance in creating an even safer school.