St. Monica Library Learning Commons (LLC)

The St. Monica Library Learning Commons is the resource center of the school offering both print and digital resources to support student success. In partnership with classroom teachers, the teacher Librarian, Mrs. Downs offers opportunities for all students from Kindergarten to Gr. 8 to access varied independent reading material, both fiction and nonfiction, find new avenues to explore, and research various topics.

The St. Monica Learning Commons Library hosted book fair during last week of September. Book Fair gave our eager readers an opportunity to add to their home library collection while helping the library earn bonus points to purchase library materials. A very special thank you to all the parents and students of St. Monica for their very generous support this year. We raised just over $2500.00 that will be used to expand our collection to further enhance and support student achievement.

Throughout the month of October book displays will be used to showcase and engage readers introducing them to topics of interest, as well as, new print and digital materials available to them. Theme based literature and recommended reads based on grade level will be a primary focus. Classes will continue to be invited down to the Library Learning Commons for classroom instruction and book exchange. Students and parents are invited to view at home the availability of our Library Learning Commons resources and helpful online resource links through our school website at: Once on the website click on the top bar, for students, directing you to the library icon.